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About Me


I'm Kathryn. I am a transplant to Cincinnati from NYC, but my original home is "the mitten" (Michigan for you non-Michiganders). I think I will always miss NYC a bit, but happily moved to Cincy so that my son could have community and a backyard. We also moved so that we could afford to have a second child (goodbye soul-crushing expensive NYC childcare costs). We now have two kids and although my husband and I still feel crushed by the costs of childcare and difficulties of being two working parents with kids, we love Cincinnati and being parents.   

When I first started providing therapy, I worked with a group of pregnant women and mothers with young children. All of them were there to work on specific mental health struggles, but what motivated them and what caused the most pain, was how their mental health struggles impacted their ability to just be with their children the way they wanted to--the way they knew was possible. Mixed in with this experience was the pain of feeling like they were disconnected from who they knew they were at their core. Over the years, after working with many parents on anxiety, trauma, stress management, and substance use, I've learned that these themes were not unique to that first group I worked with, but important to so many parents and mothers who are working on their wellness. 

I started Connect Wellness Home LLC because I believe strongly that mothers and parents who experience difficulties with worries, anxiety, stress, trauma, and/or substance use, need a place to go where their priorities will be heard and recognized. A place that recognizes the unique ways that parenting and mental health struggles can impact each other. This has become so clear to me after years of working with parents and also after seeing how challenging parenting is, particularly during this pandemic. 

Fully Licensed

Licensed Psychologist in Ohio P.07923

Training and Education

New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University Medical Center

Postdoctoral Fellowship 


Yale University Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry

Predoctoral Internship/Postdoctoral Training


Wayne State University

PhD in Clinical Psychology 2015

MA in Clinical Psychology 2011

University of Michigan

BA in Psychology 2006

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